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Big Questions in Small Doses

Posted in Uncategorized by Ted Morrissey on March 6, 2015

A smart and insightful review of Twelve Winters Press’s “Extinguished and Extinct: An Anthology of Things That No Longer Exist,” edited by John McCarthy. Thanks much, Melissa Wiley and the Chicago Review of Books.

Chicago Book Review

CBR_Logo2Extinguished & Extinct:
An Anthology of Things That No Longer Exist
Edited by John McCarthy

Extinction is a sad business, and poets have as much to say about it as scientists. Don’t mistake Extinguished & Extinct: An Anthology of Things That No Longer Exist for an elegy, however, because most readers will encounter more life forms here than they likely knew existed. The volume beckons readers to embark and reflect on a meditation regarding what it means to pass through this world and then pass out of it. The longevity of any given species is the least of the matter.

extinguished coverWithin these pages, everything these writers turn their attention to—from airships to nomadic tribes to lovers who have left to love someone else—feels more alive for being gone or its absence only imagined. A free-verse speculation of being the last surviving Jew follows upon a conjuring of the ghosts of…

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