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A Hot and Cold ‘Frost’

Posted in Uncategorized by Ted Morrissey on May 18, 2015

A mixed review, but appreciated nevertheless. (I intended the novel to be a bit of a challenge.)

Chicago Book Review

CBR_Logo2An Untimely Frost (or, The Authoress)
A Novel
by Ted Morrissey

An Untimely Frost is prefaced by two quotes on loneliness, one from Washington Irving, the other Mary Shelley. These quotes serve both to set up one of the major themes of the novel and to nod toward its inspiration: the rumored hint of romance between the aforementioned authors.

an-untimely-frost-front-coverWritten by Illinois author Ted Morrissey, An Untimely Frost concerns Jefferson Wheelwright, an American author hailing from a family of industrial wealth, traveling Europe to promote the impending publication of his latest work, and on Margret Healey, a mysterious, reclusive British author whose only published novel to date, Dunkelraum, regards a German scientist who built a man from the body parts of dead people and reanimated him. The two authors’ lives of solitude intertwine when Wheelwright visits Healey’s house in an attempt to meet her, having been a fan of…

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