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Not speaking about Danielson Framework per se, but

Posted in April 2014, Uncategorized by Ted Morrissey on April 3, 2014

Sir Ken Robinson has several TED Talks regarding education, and his “How to Escape Education’s Death Valley” is an especially appropriate follow-up to my last post about the Danielson Group’s Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument. Robinson, who is very funny and engaging, doesn’t reference Charlotte Danielson and her group per se, but he may as well. The Danielson Group’s Framework, which has been adopted as a teacher evaluation instrument in numerous states, including Illinois, is emblematic — in fact, the veritable flagship — of everything that’s wrong with education in America, according to Robinson.

Treat yourself to twenty minutes of Robinson’s wit and wisdom:

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  1. jdteachnj said, on August 29, 2014 at 1:50 pm

    I think Charlotte Danielson would agree with EVERYTHING that Robinson says. It’s time to divorce the Danielson Framework from all of the poor implementations of it we see by uninformed districts around the country. It’s the poor implementations, and the RTTT/NCLB/CCSS policies and priorities that are emblematic of what is wrong with American education.

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